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Every business requires innovative strategies that show its unique value proposition and help it reach the target audience. Yet, I notice that many entrepreneurs and leaders tend to stick with the well-known formulas to prevent unnecessary risks and no return on investment.

When talking with business owners, I often hear they would love to expand the scope of their marketing strategies but are afraid that could be a more responsible undertaking than they can handle. As a result, they rarely consider that using another language besides English could reward them with invaluable benefits.

It’s why I wasn’t surprised that 60…

Moreover, the resumes are in various languages. How many resumes would pop up in your email every day?

Well, maybe 10 to 50 resumes per vacancy. A rough estimate would be around 200 CVs per day. Isn’t screening so many resumes terrifying?

Wouldn’t it be good if you didn’t have to do all this manually? Now, this is where a multilingual resume parser fits in!

Resume Parser and its Benefits

A resume parser is a deep learning/AI framework that identifies complete information from resumes and converts unstructured data into structured data.

RChilli’s resume parser extracts candidate data from resumes in…

RChilli is proud to announce that RChilli Resume Parser is now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be easily integrated with Oracle HCM Cloud.

With RChilli + Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin, RChilli can now help Oracle customers increase candidate apply rate on their career page by up to 85% through its resume parser.

It enables many use cases for Oracle HCM Cloud users to automate their recruitment process.

Increase candidate apply rate- Once a candidate uploads a resume, RChilli will automatically fill in the application form in Oracle HCM Cloud by extracting data from the resume. …

At RChilli, we are committed to providing ease of use of our services. This AppExchange solution will make us closer to the companies that are using or intending to use Salesforce as their recruiting platform.

RChilli today announced it has launched Resume Parser on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to speed up their recruitment process by automating the process of extracting applicant information from resumes and storing it in the Salesforce platform.

With RChilli’s resume parser, users can reduce manual data entry as the parser automatically extracts resume/CV data into 140+ data fields. …

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Recruiting software is often used by hiring teams to automate the workflows of the hiring processes.

Hiring teams use the software to find qualified candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and send out a job offer.

There are a variety of recruitment tools with similar functions available in the marketplace. Most commonly used are ATS, CRM, interview software, candidate screening software, Chabot’s, etc.

Finding the right recruitment software is crucial for your organization’s recruitment process.

After the research, we present a few capabilities of recruitment platforms that are a must for attracting and managing top talent. …

Today, RChilli announced its Data Migration Service that will streamline the process of onboarding new clients into an ATS by migrating their data from old ATS/CRM to the new ATS.

The company has been serving ATS, Job boards, and Enterprises for the last decade with its intelligent solutions like resume parser, semantic search & match, taxonomy, and data enrichment. It is now introducing a data migration service exclusively for ATS to make the data migration process easy without any technical glitch.

The need for data migration arises when an enterprise invests in a new ATS or shifts from an old…

Resume screening is the first step when you are looking for a person to hire. The average time recruiters spend on a resume is around 7 seconds.

Here are the different ways you can screen applications so that you can effectively evaluate every application.

Screening Automation

Every time your company advertises for any position, it can attract thousands of applications. But finding the candidates by going through each resume is an old-school method.

Before the resume goes to human hands, it gets screened by the software programs called resumes parser, an integral part of an ATS.

Technology is a great…

Recruiting Technology

We all have seen a complete transformation of everything overnight during the Covid period. The major thing we have learned from this time is quick adaptation and agility to learn new things.

The recruitment industry is also not untouched by all of this. HR automation and COVID-19 have accelerated the use of HR technology in the workplace.

Recruitment strategies and employee experience have changed dramatically. To help you stay ahead of here are the recruitment technologies that are growing rapidly.

Virtual Recruiting Tools

Remote hiring has become the new norm during the Covid-19, and recruiters now evaluate candidates through virtual…

Data migration is a crucial process that means moving data from various locations to an applicant tracking system. This might sound easy, but it involves a lot of changes.

Data migration becomes a need when an organization changes or upgrades its system. It is imperative that the organization must transfer all its old data to the new system and make things easier for the HR managers and recruiters.

Why Does Every ATS Need Data Migration?

Data migration is risky as you might lose your data or get corrupted data while transferring it. Recruiters have to deal with many such challenges while handling their database. They want to…

If yes, how are you entering resume data into Salesforce?

Is creating a new Contact/Lead/Custom Object in Salesforce consuming a lot of your time?

We understand that manual resume data entry can be one of the biggest challenges for you. Manually filling in details of the candidates from their resumes in Salesforce not only takes a lot of time of recruiters but also results in incorrect entries, missing information, etc.

CRM research shows that the number one challenge to CRM adoption is manual data entry.

What can you do to automate the process of extracting applicant information from resumes and…


RChilli is the most trusted partner for resume parsing, matching, and data enrichment. RChilli is helping businesses in more than 30 countries.

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